1 Apr to 31 Jul 2022

Multi-disciplinary visual artist Ching Kai has always had a keen interest in ancient Chinese culture and especially in the Tang Dynasty, which many recognise as the golden age of the empire, where power and culture were amassed, and the eloquence of Tang poets revered till this day.

Since young, Ching Kai’s sketches were often of Tang inspired costumes and artefacts. In 2018,  his sketches morphed into a three-dimensional realm @thepaperempress. This imaginary kingdom crafted entirely of paper is where the Paper Empress reigns. Dressed in intricate outfits and attended to by a bevy of courtesans, the Paper Empress inspires, dazzles and delights.

Inspired by Li Bai’s “Why in the Mountains” 《山中问答》, this season’s collaboration explores a dialogue between the perceived and the unseen. Ching Kai has created an installation comprising a series of paper structures, similar in look yet each with a unique fantastical realm upon close examination.  It mirrors life’s perpetual struggle between expectations of an external world versus what one truly longs after deep inside.


” 问余何意栖碧山,





Embark on a journey with the wandering poet. Savour refreshing and nourishing flavours from the East as traditional ingredients take centerstage in the afternoon tea set curated for this season’s edition of Me:Time x Ching Kai

Limited sets are available to dine-in to enjoy solo or shared by up to 2 persons.

Dine-in between Wednesday-Saturday, 12pm – 6pm | Sunday 11am – 5pm

Reservation is required.

$128+ per set | include 8 items & a pot of tea


有人说世上最治愈人心的东西 第一是美食 第二是文字

当美食遇上诗人, 山珍海味还是粗茶淡饭纷纷化身为诗。美食滋润舌尖,文字温暖心灵。



让我们通过 Me:Time 感受文化的生活与品味; 精心策划的用餐体验,


(周三至周六) 中午12点至下午6点 |(周日) 上午11点至下午5点 限量套餐供堂食,


We regret we are unable to accommodate guests with dairy, eggs, nuts, soy and gluten allergies or provide vegan options. Should you have any other dietary restrictions, please seek clarifications before making a reservation.

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