18 Aug to 21 Nov 2021

Catering to the demands of life today can be overwhelming. Taking time out for ourselves these days is vital for our physical, mental and emotional well-being.

At KKI, we believe that there is true beauty in the art of living; practicing mindfulness, finding balance, seeking contentment and savouring even the smallest moments in life. 

This season, KKI is proud to open our space and immerse ourselves in the fascinating world of maker-artist, Genevieve Ang (@gellyvieve). Genevieve’s latest work, titled ‘In Space, A Sign’ uses ceramics, thread, aluminium, and time to examine the perception of time through a series of sculptures, as each questions one’s permanence and impermanence.

The introduction of Genevieve’s custom-made ceramic-ware to showcase our latest menu, Me:Time symbolises the perfect interaction of spatial art and sensory art. Let us take you on a journey of the senses as you muse over the transformation of space while enjoying the delicate flavours of KKI’s Me:Time set. 

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